The wonderfully crappy first draft
Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 12:59PM
Nikko Lee in NaNoWriMo, WWolf Creek, Writing

November has come to an end and so has my first draft of Wolf Bane, the sequel to Wolf Creek. Despite limited writing time, pestering children and holiday preparations, I managed to eek out 50,000 words. Furthermore, I was able to get to the end of my outline. Add the 7500 words I had already written and I've got a good first draft.


Not exactly. Even while writing I could see the numerous plot holes, character inconsistencies, and scant descriptions. Andrea disappears for about a third of the novel. Everyone's romance is way too easy.

But that's the beauty of the first draft. It can be as horrible as it needs to be as long as I get to the end and have something to edit.

The next phase of writing will be to redo my outline - did I mention I added in a few POV's? Then rebuild it so that I've got a story that actually makes sense.

While writing, my brain was consumed with other potential novels and writing projects. December will be a break as real life takes over once again. In the New Year, I'm determined to set aside some time each week to write. Thanks to some writing partners I might actually get out of the house and write.

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