Facing rejection
Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 02:49PM
Nikko Lee

"... if I am honest, although I thought your idea was interesting I found the manuscript lacked a bit of depth; the narrative was told rather than shown.  So, as it stands, it is not really a match for the ... brand and we won’t be pursuing publication."

"Although we felt it had some good concept and story it falls short of our required 80,000 word count and still needs work in some areas to keep the momentum going for the reader."

I admit it. I've been avoiding the above feedback for a few weeks now. Safe Word has been trunked. My attention has been focused on my nonfiction project. But those words linger in the back of my mind. So much so, that I've been actively avoiding my fiction projects.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful writing group partner who reminded me that I won't get better without working on the problems that exist in my writing. And that won't happen if I stop writing fiction.

The goal to get me back on the fiction horse is to finish a less than 5000 word short story contest that's due at the end of the month. I already a short story that fit the criteria but needed to be finished. Now I'm battling limited time and energy while fighting back my inner critic that whispers 'may you just aren't really good at this'.

Two more weeks to go...

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