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  • Spar
    by Nikko Lee

    A closeted black belt comes to terms with his bisexuality when he takes an openly gay student as his new sparring partner.

  • Wolf Creek: Gay Werewolf Romance
    Wolf Creek: Gay Werewolf Romance
    by Nikko Lee, Digital Fiction

    Life as a gay omega werewolf is no fairytale.

  • Bon Appetit: Stories & Recipes for Human Consumption
    Bon Appetit: Stories & Recipes for Human Consumption
    by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, Rev. Thomas Thorn, Nikko Lee, Dax Bordas, Sebastian Bendix, Rick Powell, Misty Tyers, J. N. Cameron
    Contains Bouillon de Bebe 
  • NECRONOMICUM #2 (NECRONOMICUM: The Magazine of Weird Erotica)
    NECRONOMICUM #2 (NECRONOMICUM: The Magazine of Weird Erotica)
    by Gary Budgen, Julian Darius, Richard Greico Jr, Nikko Lee, K. A. Opperman, Alice Renard, Rose Banks, Paul St. John Mackintosh, Michael Seese

    Contains Instabiable by Nikko Lee

  • Zombiefied Reloaded: The Search for More Brains
    Zombiefied Reloaded: The Search for More Brains
    by Carol Hightshoe, Cynthia Ward, Terry M. West, Christie Meierz, Dana Bell, Mary E. Lowd, Patrick J. Hurley, Francis W. Alexander, Liam Hogan

    Brainatarian by Nikko Lee

  • Coming Back
    Coming Back
    by James Arthur Anderson, Brian Barnett, Dave Fragments, Shawna Galvin, Vince Darcangelo, Ken Goldman, Michael Lindquist

    Contains A Mother Knows by Nikko Lee (paperback available at

  • Wolf Warriors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology
    Wolf Warriors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology
    by Jonathan W. Thurston

    Contains Great Mother Wolf by Michelle Knowlton

  • People Eating People: A Cannibal Anthology
    People Eating People: A Cannibal Anthology
    by Frank Larnerd, Tony Peak, Geoff Gander, Shenoa Caroll-Bradd, Robert Hart, Nikko Lee, Kyle Yadlosky, Edward Martin III

    Contains Bouillon de Bebe by Nikko Lee

  • Valves & Vixens: Steampunk Erotica
    Valves & Vixens: Steampunk Erotica
    by Nicole Gestalt, Crysta Coburn, J.T Seate, Nikko Lee, V.C., Zak Jane Keir, Blair, Regina Kammer, Jim Lee

    Contains Boson's Mate by Nikko Lee

  • The Big Book of Bizarro
    The Big Book of Bizarro
    by Rich Bottles Jr.

    Contains Honey-Do by Nikko Lee

  • Between Love and Lust
    Between Love and Lust
    by Nikko Lee


    Print-on-demand paperback

  • Templar and Other Stories of Suspense and Terror (Vampires 2, Volume 4)
    Templar and Other Stories of Suspense and Terror (Vampires 2, Volume 4)
    by J. Troy Seate, Patricia McCarthy, Nikke Lee, Andrea Saavedra, James Hartley, Edward McKeown, Mike Graves, J.E. Gurley, Zakk Erikson, David Bernstein C.C. Blake

    Contains Pure Delight by Nikko Lee


Yellow-Eyed Monster

There's a monster.

I can't see it, only those glowing yellow-eyes.

They whisper to me

"You are wrong."

"You can't do it."

"You don't deserve it."

That insidious voice echoes in my head until all I want to do is hide.

Safe within my comfort zones, waiting for it to leave.

But it doesn't.

It only withdraws into the forest and the dark.



When I've had little sleep or my children are being challenging or I am reaching beyond my comfort zone, I feel this overwhelming sense of anxiety. Sometimes I just need to remind myself that my goals and aspirations are worth the risk of failure.

Failing is normal. It is good. Failure is a learning experience.

Not risking failure might feel more comfortable, but it will leaving me with only regret.


Blah blah blah blah

This fall has afforded me the opportunity to return to one of my favorite activities: teaching. I'm currently teaching an intro Anatomy and Physiology class at a local community college.

It's been a while since I attended lectures. I remember how hard they were to sit through and how much information gets dumped on students. While I try to vary class activities some, most lectures are just that – lectures

Even I get tired of speaking about a while. So I can completely synpathesis with the students finding it hard to stay awake for an 8AM class that's info dense.

I just hope that they don't hear Charlie Brown's teacher when I'm talking.

Nothing new to report on the writing front. I resubmitted Wolf Creek and Spar to different publishers and am patiently waiting for a response. Bouillon de Bebe is being reprinted in a Halloween anthology next month.


Life never stops

Just a general update in case some one wanders by and wonders where I am.

I'm here. I think, mostly. Life is busier than ever. I've resubmitted Wolf Creek and Spar to new publishers. I've started teaching an Anatomy and Physiology course at a local community college. I'm still working full-time. I still have two small children who refuse to go to sleep on their own.

Needless to say, no writing is being done. But I am reading Widowmaker by Paul Doiron in my spare moments. I've also found my next non-fiction to read, Dead Mountain. Something about the perilous wilds attracts my imagination.

My thoughts are with the residents of Texas and Louisianna as they face their very own and deadly disaster. It's unimaginable the amount of water that's accumulating. It also reminds me that living on the coast brings it's own possible dangers and that I need to make sure my family is prepared.


Am I a writer if I don't write?

Days, go by without writing. Then week and months. How long can I keep calling myself a writer if I'm not writing.

Life is busy. That sounds like a poor excuse. But with a toddler, a nursing infant who doesn't sleep through the night, a long commute, working full-time, trying to grow my teaching experience, a bedtime routine that now takes up to 2 hours... I just can't find even a spare minute to orient myself to writing.

That's not to say that I don't think about it. I have a novel that's been in revisions for nearly 3 years now. I have two novels that need to find new homes after my publisher closed at the beginning of the year.

I try to hold onto what I heard an author say. 'When the time is right, you will write.'

As I struggled to collect myself (this morning included a literal wrestling match get my daughter dressed) so I could write a summary on the commute in and failed, I couldn't help but wonder when will the time be right? And until then am I still a writer?


There's a monster

About three weeks ago, my 2.5 year old's normal bedtime delay tactics took on a more urgent tone. She became desperate to keep me in the room. Every time she was about to relax she would say she wasn't tired or that there was a monster.

Imagination is both a blessing and a curse. This is a typical stage toddlers go through when they start having a hard time distinguishing between reality and imagination. But that didn't make the bedtime struggles any easier.

We tried sitting with her.

We tried letting her cry.

We tried shooing away the monsters with her monster-fu fighting teddy bears or the fly swatter.

We tried monster hunts.

We tried sleeping in the same bed.

We read 'Monster at the end of this book'.

We made bedtime later.

We left her closet light on.

We left the door open.

We left her alone for increasing intervals and put her back to bed when she came out of her room.

Like so much of development, it was just a thing we had to get through. There are still monsters now and again - like at 4AM when she can't find her pacifier - but they are fewer and further between. 'There's a monster' is just her way of saying that she's scared and doesn't feel brave enough to be alone.

After three weeks of bedtime tears and begging for one more snuggle, we are finally back to the normal bedtime routine with a few extra steps. Time to enjoy the return of a little free time in the evening before the next sleep disturbance hits her or her younger brother.

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